Motomed Letto2


The MOTOmed letto2 helps to balance lack of movement in patients confined to bed. Patients can use the MOTOmed letto2 to train in a passive, motor-assisted, and active mode, from a hospital bed or a therapy chair. The MOTOmed letto2 provides a well-rounded therapy to patients in stationary care. It can also be effectively applied in home care.

Simple handling

The specially constructed MOTOmed letto2 is stabilized with no mechanical connection to the bed or therapy chair. The foot pedal is used to lock the device in place. Easy-feel buttons, a big color screen and a color-coded system make for an easy operation.

Operation-friendly handling + cost saving

The MOTOmed letto2 offers operation-friendly handling and cost savings. Particularly in stationary care settings, but also in a home care environment, an effective daily therapy is offered.

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Accessories for an optimal adjustability

The letto2 model is optimally adaptable to a bed unit or patients’ needs due to its construction and the wide range of accessories such as spreadable chassis, knee flexion adjustment, or the pivot arm for operating panel.

Authorized medical aid

The MOTOmed is officially registered as a medical aid with the government health insurances in Germany. Therefore, under certain conditions there is a reimbursement of cost for patients with neurological conditions.

Free product demonstration!

Test the MOTOmed letto2, free of charge and with no obligation. Contact your local sales representative.


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