Motomed Muvi


The movement therapy devices of the MOTOmed family enable the patient to decide whether he wants to train with or without motor. The innovative concept of simultaneous whole body training makes the MOTOmed muvi unique. The digital smart movement control responds to each user individually. The pleasant human design and the improved hygiene concept leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality, handling and ergonomics. This opens a wide range of possibilities and makes the MOTOmed muvi ideal for modern people in motion.

Simultaneous leg and arm training

The unique MOTOmed muvi feature enables to train legs and arms at the same time.
For the first time it is possible to train both areas simultaneously. This reduces the therapy effort and leads to more effective training results.

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The very simple, intuitive operation of the device makes it easy to use even for people with limitations. The new 12 inch color touch screen provides excellent legibility, the rotary operating panel is inclinable and the operating buttons can be positioned individually on the screen. Additionally, software updates can be loaded by USB stick.

Individual adjustments

The MOTOmed muvi is easily adjustable in height and horizontal direction. Also the telescopic front stand and the quick release system allow for a simple and easy adaption to each individual user.

High quality

By introducing the MOTOmed muvi the RECK Company responses to the current requirements of modern, future-oriented investment concepts of hospitals and facilities: All used materials can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Also the all metal construction guarantees high stability and durability.


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