KIT Seating System


The KIT Seating System is a highly adjustable modular seating system for teens and adults with moderate to complex special needs.

With its innovative Pelvic Cradle, three part backrest with ball and socket joints and multi-positional leg guides and footplates, KIT gives clinicians the tools to meet the requirements of the most complex users.

The hip pads are individually height, angle and width adjustable, and along with the sacral pad, give pelvic correction or accommodation of unique body shapes.

Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitates arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

Tight hamstrings and unsupported feet can contribute to instability of the pelvis, and therefore the alignment of the trunk and head.

Product Features:

  • 2 sizes
  • Three colour options
  • Removable machine washable covers with infection control option
  • One piece seat cushion with a choice of standard or memory foam
  • New Pelvic Cradle
  • Width and angle adjustable hip laterals
  • 3 part backrest with interchangeable shoulder, thoracic and sacral support options
  • Ball and socket joints for full adjustability on backrest components and footplates
  • Range of standard and complex flip away laterals
  • Range of head supports
  • Angle and height adjustable armrests
  • Multi-positional leg guides accommodate up to 20° windsweeping, abducton or adduction
  • Height adjustable, multi-angle flip-away foot plates and sandals
  • Tilt in space hi-low chassis and mobility chassis options
  • Communication devices easily attached

Technical Overview

Size 1: Age 12-18 yrs, max 75kg
Size 2: Age 16-adult, max 75kg
Moderate to Complex


Size 1:
Seat Depth 360-480mm
Seat Width 215-370mm
Backrest Height 500-620mm
Seat to Sandal 330-510mm
Size 2:
Seat Depth 410-560mm
Seat Width 215-370mm
Backrest Height 560-675mm
Seat to Sandal 330-510mm

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