Mygo Seat


The Mygo Seating System allows therapists to optimise the postural care of children with moderate to complex special needs- and it’s now available in 3 sizes!

The new Mygo 3 offers all the same unique postural and functional benefits as the Mygo 1 and 2 but it offers additional growth via:

  • A maximum seat width of 40cm
  • Wider armrests
  • A weight limit of 70kg.
  • The Mygo Seating System’s trunk and head supports can be individually tailored to match the needs of each user.
  • The Mygo Seating System allows legs and feet to be supported in the optimum position for overall posture and function.
  • The flexible sacral support in the Mygo Seating System works with the hip guides and adjustable seat angle to provide the optimum achievable posture for the pelvis.
  • Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitates arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.
  • Product Features:

    • Removable machine washable covers
    • Four colour options
    • Pelvic Cradle or Pelvic Harness
    • One piece seat base cushion
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Height and angle adjustable backrest
    • Flexible sacral cushion
    • Contoured shoulder section
    • Lateral support options
    • Range of head supports
    • Range of harnesses
    • Height and angle adjustable armrests
    • Adjustable leg supports
    • Individually height and angle adjustable footplates
    • Allen key screws with anti-vibration washers
    • Tilt-in-space hi-low chassis
    • Mobility base interfaces and options

Technical Overview

Size 1: Age 3-10 yrs, max. 50kg
Size 2: Age 8-14 yrs, max. 60kg
Size 3: Age 10-16 yrs, max. 70kg
Moderate to Complex


Size 1:

Seat Depth 270-420mm
Seat Width 200-325mm
Backrest Height 360-470mm
Seat to Sandal 215-350mm
Size 2:

Seat Depth 350-470mm
Seat Width 220-345mm
Backrest Height 460-570mm
Seat to Sandal 315-470mm

Size 3:

Seat Depth 350-470mm
Seat Width 250-400mm
Backrest Height 460-570mm
Seat to Sandal 315-470mm

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