Physio Therapy

Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy is one of the best thing to be done when someone needs relaxation along with imporovement in his surgery.

We offer the below for the same :

  • Movement therapy for a better quality of life
  • MOTOmed including FES for active movement

Other Services

Physio Therapy

This therapy should be performed very carefully and diligently . As this therapy is normally used to get your recover from injuries or muscular or nerves related problems. Browse our Physiotherapy section to know more


We also offer Rehailition services to motivate and energize the physically disabled persons and make them aware they too can run, walk, sit and do activities like a normal person does. They can also conquer this world and we are standing with them and for them always.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Science has been so advanced that nothing is almost impossible now. We have made use of that science only which can enable now an individual to restore his lost limb , Knee area or body joints and get back his Limb and Knee or body joints functioning normally. Click to know more


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