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Our History

DMS provides high quality medical equipments, wheelchairs, Physio-Rehab products and healthcare services with expert guidance to our clients as they adapt to the rising cost of quality healthcare.

We work to bring the right selection of Medical Rehabilitation Equipments including Postural Support and Seating system solutions from professional and well experienced specialists with greater quality, affordability, access and simplicity to the healthcare system – ensuring that the people we serve get quality care.

We are committed to provide quality products and services to our customer on a consistent basis. We are associated with leading suppliers of Rehabilitation products. Our medical equipment division is in a position to sources high quality products from these manufacturer’s world wide.

Vision :

To be the medical supplies company of choice in Qatar by providing consultative solutions to meet customer experience enabled by a team of professionals working with clinical experts in the field of seating, mobility solutions and hospital supplies.

Mission :

We commit ourselves to understand the needs of disabled individuals and provide the most cost effective and high quality solutions to overcome their disability to lead a normal life. Value and exercise a professional relationship with our customers and partners locally and internationally.

Values :

  • Accountability : We take ownership and responsibility for everything we do.
  • Care : Passionate about the health, wellness and wellbeing of the patients needs.
  • Quality : Consistent achievement of the highest standards.
  • Honesty : Practice ethical business and always be transparent and open to what we do

Our Services

Our Services

Dohali Medical Supplies offers you its world class services and enabling the physically disabled persons to challenge the world by making them stand on thier own. Browse what we have to offer for you here ..

Our Products

Our Products

We have lots of Products in our Product section segreated category wise. Our Products are made from High Quality Raw Material which lasts longs and are Easy to Use. Along with that we use latest technologies available making our products more popular and effective.

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