Exercise Mat

Made of high-density polyethylene, a lightweight non-PVC material, the mats fabric-like surface is waterproof, wear resistant and designed for repetitive use in by physical therapists and in fitness clubs. TheraBand Exercise Mat is easy to care for, they are washable with soap and water. They also include pre-drilled hanging holes and two elastic straps for easy storage options. With two different thickness levels, the thicker mats provide more cushion for rehab applications and thinner mats providing utility for routine fitness work. Mats are available in the most common user-preferred sizes, with the widest mats well-suited for use with exercise balls.

Features :
  • Each mat measures 40" X 75" 0.6" thickness
  • Mats are high density and lightweight
  • The Closed-Cell Construction is tear resistant Made of Polyethylene